SF Hep B Free - Bay Area is encouraging everyone to follow city, county and state orders to stay at home and shelter in place. Let us all take all precautions we can and do our part to fight this disease. Hep B Free is continuing to work to fight hepatitis B while doing our best to support our public health allies on COVID 19.
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Be Sure, Be Tested, Be Free

Hep B Free - Bay Area is a citywide campaign to turn San Francisco into the first hepatitis B free city in the nation. This campaign will provide free and low-cost hepatitis B testing and vaccinations to Asian and Pacific Islander (API) adults throughout the city.

Online Support Group

Our online support group provides a network for those struggling with hepatitis B (chronic or acute), whether personally or through family and/or friends.

Millbrae Initiative 2.0

The Millbrae Business Initiative strives to provide culturally appropriate hepatitis B education and free, convenient screenings to Asian-centric businesses and employees in Millbrae. 


Our mission is to create a healthy San Francisco – Bay Area community by decreasing, and ultimately, eliminating the transmission and medical complications from hepatitis B. Read about our latest activities for furthering this mission.

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BE ABOUT IT is the story of two fathers, two families and their battle against hepatitis B, a potentially deadly disease impacting the Asian American community.
BE ABOUT IT 紀錄片講述2位父親與2個家庭長期對抗B型肝炎的故事,一個潛在致命的疾病如何影響在美國的亞洲人。
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